About us

Come on in and sit a spell. We’re happy you’re here!

Let us introduce ourselves.

We’re sisters. One is older than the other, but we’ll never say which one. (It’s Sheri, Terri says. Shut up, Sheri replies, punching Terri in the shoulder. Terri pretends to cry.)

Sheri Williams is an author, editor, book publisher, and avid crafter among other things (be nice, now; you shouldn’t think such things!). She has four grown children, three grandchildren, and three fur babies that make the world go round. When she’s not writing or editing, she’s drinking the best natural energy drinks in the world (ask her about them) and dreaming up her next project. She believes in Jesus, refabbing, and DIY. 

Terri Dunlap is a Professional Network Marketer and has helped individuals/families achieve success from home since 2006 by staying healthy and helping others become healthy. She lives her best life in work and play. She is a mama to three beautiful daughters, two bonus sons, a MeMaw to Maylie and Noah, two grandpuppies, and several grandkitties. She has a newfound love of crafting and can frequently be spotted guzzling a protein shake (ask her about those yummy things… afterall, who doesn’t like BIRTHDAY CAKE!) while working to become the best version of herself. 

Sheri is the Crazy Craft Lady. Terri is the Pajama Mama. Together we are the Garage Girls.

No, we don’t fight crime by day… or even by night. We do keep up a lot of noise and cackle like hens when crafting. No neighbor complaints yet, but we’re waiting.

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